Welcome to Dj Clockwork.com, a time capsule of memories from the vibrant world of 90s pirate radio in Hackney, London E5. Brace yourself for a journey through the gritty and electrifying era when radio reigned supreme, before the internet stole the spotlight.

I am the curator of this extraordinary collection, known as Andy Clockwork  I lived and breathed the music movement that pulsated through the streets of Hackney. This website is dedicated to sharing the real-life stories that unfolded during those unforgettable years, where radio was the heartbeat of our community.

In the pre-internet era, pirate radio was a lifeline, connecting us to the sounds that shaped our souls. We’ll dive deep into the tales of Eruption FM, Pure FM, Kee FM, Kool FM, and an array of other iconic stations that etched their mark on the airwaves. But let me tell you, staying on air was no easy feat.

The authorities were like bloodhounds, relentlessly chasing us down. They couldn’t bear the thought of us spreading the magic of music through unauthorized channels. But we were cunning, constantly outwitting their clutches like mischievous foxes. It was a never-ending game of cat and mouse, with us dancing through the shadows, keeping the frequencies alive.

And then there were the rival stations, always lurking nearby. Like fierce competitors in an endless race, we battled for dominance over the airwaves. It was a constant struggle, each station vying for their moment in the spotlight, trying to overthrow one another. The stakes were high, and the air crackled with tension.

But through it all, the spirit of the pirate radio movement burned bright. We were the rebels, the sonic warriors who defied the odds and carved our own path. This website is a testament to that indomitable spirit, an homage to the DJs, engineers, and music lovers who shaped a generation.

So come, delve into the archives, and immerse yourself in the authentic stories of a bygone era. The memories are waiting to be discovered, pulsating with the energy and beats that defined a generation. Welcome to Dj Clockwork.com, where the spirit of 90s pirate radio in Hackney, London lives on.

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